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Our products are certified for industrial composting. Materials will break down in 16 weeks or 90 days. We use EN13432 certified materials for our compostable products.

Household and on-street collections of compostable packaging are limited. However, there are a range of on-site solutions and take-back schemes that are available to our customers. Compostable solutions have an important role to play, particularly for helping to capture more food waste and divert it from landfill. We are currently working with partners throughout the UK, the EU, and the rest of the world to set up on-site closed loop composting solutions.

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Our office opening hours are 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding UK National Holidays.

Our warehouse opening times for pre-booked deliveries and collections are:

  • Flitwick (UK) warehouse: Monday – Thursday: 8am – 4pm; Friday: 8am – 12am
  • Sandy (UK) warehouse: Monday – Friday: 7am – 4pm

Please contact us for the opening hours of other Colpac warehousing sites.

Minimum production runs vary by product and requirement for ancillaries. Please contact your account manager or our sales team for further information.

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According to the CPI and OPRL guidelines, it can still be recycled if:

  • The plastic content of the whole product is less than 10% and only on one side of the board (current OPRL guidelines)
  • The laminate or window is easy to peel, remove, and recycle or dispose of separately, and the board component is less than 10% plastic content

Double sided coating will make the cardboard non-recyclable.

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Our products are shipped straight from our UK warehouse, or for our European customers, from our warehouse in Belgium. We have some satellite stocking locations around the world too. Please contact your account manager or our sales team for further information.

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Colpac products can be shipped worldwide. For specific shipping details, please contact your account manager or our sales team.

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Colpac’s standard terms are for the buyer to pay for the Goods within 30 days of the delivery date.

See Colpac’s full Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Credit accounts will be considered on an individual basis.

For trade customers, the usual assortment of payment methods is available. Payment for samples can be made by credit card.

Colpac has standard insurance covering all eventualities. Details can be provided on request.

To order samples, please speak to your account manager, or to our sales team. We will assess your requirements and send our samples to you as quickly as possible.

We tend not to charge our existing customers for samples, subject to quantity restrictions. For those who do not have an existing account with us, we charge a nominal fee to cover postage and delivery.

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