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Creativity and Bespoke Packaging

Creativity and Bespoke Packaging

We develop customised food packaging to suit specific customer requirements. Whether it’s bespoke packaging construction or custom print, we can help you to develop ideal packaging for your food products.

Product sustainability

We consider several key elements around our commitment to product sustainability.

Sustainable sourcing

We advocate the use of sustainably sourced materials, undertake strict due diligence with suppliers and pioneer sustainable materials and coatings.

Considered design

We use circular design principles, adapt designs to meet sustainability legislation, and adjust weights, shapes and tapers to improve transport efficiency.

Reducing impact

We use recycled materials, educate consumers on recycling and composting guidelines and partner with providers of closed-loop composting solutions.

Reducing food waste

We offer heat seal packaging and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.) solutions to extend the shelf-life of food contents.