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Recyclable cardboard food packaging for bakery products in white board, Kraft and ovenable board; for cakes, wedges, muffins, doughnuts, cupcakes, confectionery; suitable for bakeries, retail, take-away outlets, coffee shops, cafeterias, convenience stores, catering and events

Food Type

    Bagels Baguettes Bakery Burgers Cakes Cup Cakes Cups & Lids Fries Fruit & Nuts Hot Dogs Pasta and rice dishes Pastry Pizza Popcorn Ready meals Rolls & sandwiches Salads Sausage rolls Snack Soup Sushi & Oriental food Tortillas & Wraps Chicken Cookies Desserts Donuts Fish fingers Gifts Ice cream Nuggests Nuggets Onion rings Panini Pies Porridge Quiche Soups Sushi Sweets Wedges


    Appealable C-vis® Café Today Clasp® CLIP Clasp® SEAL ColMAP™ ColSeal™ Elegance - Black Fish ‘N’ Chips Fuzione® Heat-Seal Kraft & White Let's Do Lunch! Savori™ Smitten about Britain Ssupa Snax Tastes of the World Vizione® Zest™ Combione® New Gourmet 24.7 Newsprint PGINOX

Packaging Methods


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