Bespoke Food Packaging Solutions

Bespoke Food Packaging Solutions

Custom food packaging gives you an opportunity to differentiate your food in the marketplace.

Bespoke Solutions for Your Needs

Bespoke Solutions for Your Needs

Packaging provides the first impression of your product to the consumer. It elevates product quality, sustainability, and enhancing value perception, all whilst representing and communicating your brand messaging.

Our design team creates unique packaging construction concepts and eye-catching graphic layouts to promote your brand. We manufacture from sustainably sourced, high-quality materials which are subject to stringent food safety testing for your application.

To create your bespoke food packaging solutions, we call upon extensive knowledge and expertise from across our business. Our account management integrates our project teams with yours so that we can provide versatile solutions that meet ever more complex requirements.

What our customers say

Three paperboard boxes with red and yellow graphics and macaroni cheese image on the outside. Boxes piled in a pyramid on a wooden worktop.

Strathmore Foods

“The new packaging from Colpac allows us to offer our bestselling meals in a simple, convenient format. The initial launch has gone very well and we’re looking to utilise the packaging for other concepts and customers.”

Julie Nisbet, Managing Director at Strathmore Foods

Two brown upright wrap packs, filled with chicken and salad wraps. Presented on wooden surface with cafe setting in the background.


“Having worked with Colpac previously, we recognised the company’s strength in bringing innovative solutions to complex challenges. Together, we created a customer centric solution that maximised value perception on-shelf, managed cost, and helped with our commitment to plastic reduction.”

Ian Mullin, Head of Innovation at Freshways

Two white multi-food pots, one filled with mozzarella and tomato salad, and one with rice, chicken and green vegetables. Both pots being held by people.


“FSC Forest Management certification, offered by Colpac products, is a key purchasing decision factor for gaining listings into retail as it testifies responsible sourcing. This is important to us and our customers who are concerned about their environmental and social impacts.”

Philippe Bodart, CEO at Nonna

Partner to Leverage Our Expertise

Partner to Leverage Our Expertise

Working in partnership is key to developing successful custom food packaging. We take the time to understand your objectives and priorities and work as an extension of your team to reach the best solution.

We proactively manage bespoke product development, working closely with you throughout the process. Our bespoke projects are driven by active and experienced account management to keep you informed of progress and help us to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.

Keeping up to date with the pace of change to sustainability and compliance standards is challenging. Whether you need clarification of local sustainability directives for your marketplace, or details on product performance and material suitability, our experienced team members support our product development to prove our claims and meet customer priorities.

Materials Development and Choice

Materials Development and Choice

Material choice is core to the viability of your project. Materials need to withstand the complexity of all touchpoints within the supply chain and meet sustainability goals.

We work with our suppliers to commercialise and continually bring new boards, coatings, and films to market. We internally test suitability and work with leading laboratories and certification bodies to ensure materials are certified as food safe for their required usage.

We source specific materials for specific projects, utilising paperboard that works across supply chains and customers’ manufacturing processes. For a pack we developed with Strathmore Foods, the material is certified food safe for use in oven, freezer, microwave, and hot-hold environments. This material also has a water-based coating so is recyclable in line with OPRL guidelines.

Sustainable sourcing also ensures we work within transparent and traceable supply chains, particularly around FSC® certified materials.

Design Creativity

Design Creativity

With highly qualified, creative product designers, our in-house design team loves to work on custom food packaging. This includes the creation of new packaging formats, clever closures, lightweighted solutions, and highly functional packs that work across complex food preparation processes.

We also have experienced, in-house graphic designers that add a touch of flair to your bespoke packaging. We create on-shelf impact by expertly applying graphics designed by you or drawing original artwork to showcase your brand.

Our design team was runner up for the Foodservice Packaging Association Design Team of the Year award in 2024, for our wrap pack project with Freshways.

When developing bespoke food packaging solutions, we protect our designs through copyright, patents, and trademarks. This means we retain ownership of our designs and innovations to protect originality for our customers.

Flexible Production

Flexible Production

Agile factory processes mean we can work on more unusual projects, all within manufacturing environments that have achieved BRCGS AA+ certification.

With a UK manufacturing base, new product trials can be accomplished within the required timeframes. Our skilled production team conducts these trials to ensure that products can be manufactured in line with project commercials. We can support customers by producing smaller quantities for in-store trials to check product feasibility before progressing to full-scale production.

Our factory team is meticulous in checking print quality and colour matching to the latest pantone references. We also execute high quality assurance processes throughout our supply chain to validate the packaging that we produce, so you can be assured that your packaging is exactly what you need.