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Recycling & Our Products

Ensuring the recyclability of our products is important for a number of reasons – prolonging the life of a raw material, saving energy, reducing carbon emissions, protecting habitats, reducing waste, and giving value back to a product. That is why improving recycling rates has always been central to national and European aims to reduce our environmental impact and to achieving a future circular economy


We follow circular design principles in all our product development, balancing sustainability with functionality and reducing food waste. Product design and review is one of the key areas where we can make the biggest contribution to Reduce & Recycle. To do this, we:

  1. choose our materials to ensure maximum efficiency in the recycling process
  2. reduce the use of laminated composites where possible (which are very hard to recycle)
  1. work with the waste industry to assess our products’ recyclability in practical terms
  2. remove unnecessary plastic and reduce materials where possible
  3. use recycled and recovered materials to conserve natural resources, reduce our emissions, and save energy in the long term. 

Our Green Team is always happy to talk to you about the end-of-life options of our products. Or check out our Recycling FAQs.

Recycling Colpac products

Colpac produces packaging to meet a range of environmental and functional requirements – be that food waste reduction, hot and cold serve, oven- and microwaveable, same day or extended shelf-life. 

Our paperboard packaging can be recycled in the mixed paperboard stream.  To aid recyclability, all of Colpac’s packaging is designed according to the guidelines set out by the UK’s On Pack Recycling Label scheme and the Confederation of Paper Industries with an aspirational target of 5% plastic content for paperboard packaging on a date after 2023; to be confirmed. 

We are already reviewing our entire product line to ensure all of our products contain a maximum of 5% plastic well ahead of schedule. 

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