Belgium based Nonna produces almost four million packs of fresh sandwiches, tortillas and salads each year.

Front view of black and red sandwich pack and wrap pack created for Nonna.

Each day refrigerated lorries transport freshly prepared food-to-go dishes to hundreds of convenience stores, major supermarket chains, and transport companies across Belgium and into France.

Guaranteeing a fresh product and maintaining the quality of the high-end ingredients is paramount. Consequently, packaging and the way the packs are sealed, plays a vital role. By working with Colpac and selecting the right packaging solutions, Nonna has consistently met its shelf life objectives, which in turn has enabled its customers to sell more products over a longer period, while dramatically reducing avoidable food waste.

To achieve this, a recyclable, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.) sandwich pack was developed, printed with an eye-catching design with a clear window for product visibility. To seal the packs a Slalom automatic sealing machine was installed. This machine has a sealing system that replaces the oxygen within the sealed pack with a mixture of protective gases to preserve the freshness of the product, extending shelf life by up to 10 days.

When Nonna looked to expand their offering to include salads and tortillas, the solution was a custom printed, recyclable Heat Seal Tortilla Pack, with a ColSealĀ® SE1000 Sealing Machine, which can extend the product shelf life by up to 5 days.

We offer a wide range of stock sandwich packaging products, including extended shelf-life sandwich packs.

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