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Stagione® range answers market drive for sustainable all-purpose packaging

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10th February 2022
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Selection of Stagione pots on grey table, filled with macaroni cheese, bao buns, chicken and rice, prawns, and salmon with rice.

The demands on packaging are ever increasing. From sustainable sourcing and reducing plastic, to packs that work at all stages of the supply chain, from freezing through to the consumer reheating at home.

The market demands sustainable all-purpose packaging. The award-winning Stagione® from Colpac has attributes to answer many of these requirements and more.

At Colpac we start product development considering sustainability, from raw materials source to end of life recycling. Stagione®, like many of Colpac’s products, is manufactured from FSC® certified paperboard.

Exporting sustainable packaging ranges like Stagione® is complex, as we need to consider a wide range of different regulations and facilities for packaging recycling. In the UK we work with OPRL guidelines for domestic ranges. Stagione® has high barrier properties achieved through a PP coating, and part of its wide appeal, is that the percentage of plastic in each base product is just above 5%, making it recyclable under even to the most stringent of standards. The lids are also recyclable, and the rPET lid contains almost 100% recycled materials.

During the last year, driven by demand, the range has been extended from three to seven sizes, with the most recent addition being the 1250ml Stagione® with a square footprint and PP lid. The new pack is now the largest size within the range, which offers leakproof food packaging solutions for food service operators, retailers and the take-away/delivery food markets – from smaller snack packs and individual protein pots, through to main meals.

“Demand for food packaging solutions to meet the growth and complexity required in the food-to-go and the delivered food sectors has grown exponentially. Colpac have been well placed to support this growth, and with seven packs now within the Stagione® range, from 150ml to 1250ml we have broadened our market offering and are able to meet an even greater level of demand and filling variations. Every part of the supply chain has been considered in the specification of the entire Stagione® range, as a result, it is a highly sought-after product, meeting the needs across a wide range of sectors.”

Kate Berry, Colpac’s Head of Marketing & Product

Stagione® 1250ml has the versatility to work across multiple areas of the supply chain and the pack is suitable for the freezer, as well as being able to meet the complex needs of hot hold cabinets and microwaves.

The pack offers a larger surface area for increased product visibility and the PP lid, gives a secure closure whilst providing ventilation to let out condensation but maintain heat. Ideal for kitchen filling or production line operations, the 1250ml pack can be heat sealed and/or lidded for security, hygiene, and preservation. Delivered nested and with a rigid construction, the pack provides efficiency of storage as well as excellent stacking and space density for on shelf merchandising.

Undertaking continual reviews of product ranges there will be further development and additions to the Stagione® range in the coming months.

Interested in Stagione®?

We have a large range of products, Stagione® including PP coated pots, PE coated pots, bowls, and several lid options that are suitable for hot or cold food-to-go.

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