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Ready for Veganuary? Sustainable, high quality food packaging solutions to get you prepared

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22nd December 2021
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The explosion of vegan food and drink has rocketed the sector to new heights over recent years, a trend which is set to continue in the New Year as Veganuary 2022 gets under way.

Vegan friendly products are no longer seen as a niche and, as demand has continued to grow, all of the leading supermarkets have launched their own vegan ranges, while UK restaurant chains have added plant-based and vegan friendly dishes to their menus.

Significantly, the pre-conceived idea of vegan and plant-based dishes being less tasty has diminished, and people now expect the same great taste as meat alternatives. Consequently, for food service operators and retailers, catering to so many different diets, it is vital that the food packaging selected not only offers flexibility but also reflects the quality of the product within.

Vegan dishes are synonymous with freshness which can make them more perishable, so having the right food packaging to hand to be able to pack with speed is essential. All-in-one film to board packs are ideal as they can be easily constructed and are suitable for a range of different products, from spinach tortilla wraps to spelt bread sandwiches. The adjustable clip mechanism ensures that each product is safely secured, while the film enables customers to view the freshness of the ingredients within.

Many vegan favourites, such as salads or vegan sushi are loose items, requiring a completely alternate style of packaging, however the same principles – efficient, fresh and ease of use – still apply. A paperboard base and 100% rPET lid is the ideal combination, such as our Fuzione® range, enabling food service operators the ability to pack food quickly, while the clear lids gives customers the fresh visibility they crave. The paperboard base is also durable and resilient to absorption from dressings and sauces.

Our award winning Stagione® range also offers any food service operator or packer the full packaging solution. With seven different sizes, from smaller snack packs and individual protein pots of 150ml through to main meals of 1250ml, the range is designed to work across a wide variety of markets. Due to the versatile, high barrier properties of Stagione® each pack is suitable for frozen, chilled, and hot foods for delivery or instant serve.

Healthy living and environmental awareness goes hand-in-hand. In fact, according to The Vegan Society, if the world turned vegan, $1.5 trillion worth of climate damage could be avoided.

As a result, customers are increasingly mindful of the sustainable credentials of the food packaging they purchase. We have an ongoing commitment to sustainability, and both our Stagione® and Fuzione® ranges are manufactured from mixed FSC® certified board, meeting the coating levels for CPI and OPRL’s recyclability thresholds and is future proof for 2023 and beyond.

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