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Colpac’s CEO, Neil Goldman, Receives Chairman’s Award from the Foodservice Packaging Association

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11th March 2024
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2024 FPA Chairman's Award winner, Neil Goldman, CEO at Colpac, with Mark Byrne from the FPA.

Neil Goldman, Chief Executive Officer at Colpac, is the proud recipient of the 2024 Chairman’s Award from the Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA).

Neil received the Chairman’s Award for dedicated service to the FPA and the foodservice packaging industry. Neil has led Colpac since the 1980s and continues to be at the helm of the company’s success.

“I had no hesitation in selecting Neil to be the recipient of my very first Chairman’s Award as the FPA’s new Executive Chairman. Neil is a hugely inspirational character and I have looked up to him for many years. Colpac is local to where I grew up, and not only have I watched the company innovate and grow under his leadership, but I have witnessed first-hand the enormous contribution he makes to the foodservice packaging industry as a whole.”

Mark Byrne, Executive Chair of the FPA 

From modest beginnings in 1937, the company was originally known as Frank Coleman (Luton) Ltd until Neil’s father Martin, following his service in the British Army Royal Signals in WW2, used his demobilisation credits and a bank loan to purchase the company. It started as a small trader of straw board from Holland, and then began manufacturing hat boxes for the Luton hat trade.

In the early 1980s, Neil took over the running of the company and changed its name to Colpac. At that time, Neil saw an opportunity in manufacturing food packaging. Neil and Colpac exhibited at the first Fast Food Fair in Brighton, taking six plain white food pack samples, and the positive reaction to this signalled the beginning of substantial growth for the company and the paperboard food packaging market.

Neil continues to lead Colpac, using his creativity, expertise, and passion for innovation, recognised in the company’s brands, many of which have received industry awards.

He is a proud advocate of British manufacturing and is driven by the desire for Colpac to remain at the forefront of materials development and product design.

“I am very happy to work in the food packaging industry which is fascinating on many levels. We have a wonderful team of creative individuals helping to bring the company to the next level. Many thanks to the FPA for this award.”

Neil Goldman, Chief Executive Officer at Colpac

2024 FPA Chairman's Award winner, Neil Goldman, CEO at Colpac, with Martin Kersh from the FPA.

Martin Kersh, Executive Director of the FPA, and Neil Goldman, Chief Executive Officer at Colpac. Image courtesy of the Foodservice Packaging Association.

Colpac has always had sustainability at the forefront of its packaging design and development, pioneering recyclable and compostable packaging. The company works with startups, universities, and other knowledge-based organisations to utilise materials from renewable sources and develop coatings and films to reduce reliance on finite resources.

The next generation of Neil’s family is now in the business. Talia Goldman has delivered ground-breaking projects with Colpac, including the development of a net-zero programme with targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. Talia was the winner of the FPA’s Rising Star Award in 2023.

“I am so thrilled and incredibly proud to see the FPA Chairman’s Award given to my father this year. His dedication to, and love for, this industry is unparalleled, and this award marks an important moment to recognise his contribution. His impact is felt day after day throughout the company that he has built and in the innovation that we deliver. Well done, Dad!”

Talia Goldman, ESG Manager at Colpac

Neil’s passion is evident through continuous drive to develop the next generation of packaging that Colpac sells to and works with worldwide.

Please join the Colpac team in congratulating Neil in receiving this prestigious award for his dedication to the industry, his unwavering support in all that the company achieves, and his commitment to providing the marketplace with creative food packaging solutions.

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