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Colpac Announces Net Zero Targets, as Part of Net Zero Programme

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27th November 2023
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Blue and green graphic showing Colpac's Scope 1, Scope 2, and overall net zero target dates. Graphic includes Inspired Plc and Colpac logos.

Colpac has announced an overall target net zero date of 2045. Measuring emissions and setting targets is fundamental to Colpac’s net zero programme.

With support and guidance from sustainability consultants Inspired PLC, Colpac has measured its scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and has set net zero targets and interim targets for all three scopes. The company has committed to being scope 1 net zero by 2035, and scope 2 net zero by 2030, with an overall net zero target date of 2045.

As its net zero programme progresses, Colpac will continue to work closely with Inspired PLC to develop its net zero strategy.

Providing sustainable food packaging is at the heart of Colpac’s ethos. Although not yet mandated for Small or Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Colpac’s carbon emissions measurement and improvements are leading the way for the UK SMEs.

“Developing a net zero programme is an integral part of our commitment to the environment and to responsible business. This work supports our customers in meeting their own net zero targets and demonstrates our dedication to reducing our impact.”

Talia Goldman – ESG Manager at Colpac

This announcement follows a net zero themed fireside chat at Sustainability Live London. At the event, Talia Goldman, ESG Manager at Colpac, and Emma Hird, Head of Carbon Services at Inspired PLC, discussed how SMEs can explore practical approaches to achieve sustainability goals. The aim of the discussion was to encourage smaller companies to act and make the improvements that they can.

Colpac has already begun to reduce its impact by implementing factory efficiencies and launching projects around energy reduction and optimisation. This is alongside other sustainability focused initiatives, such a moving the manufacturing of its multi-food pots to its UK factory, from overseas, in support of sustainability goals.

Want to find out more?

Find out more about Colpac’s net zero programme by watching the video case study of its work with Inspired Plc.

Watch video case study

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