The Pocket Garden Club

Compostable soup pots as a packaging solution for a ‘grow-your-own’ micro vegetable and herb brand.

Two herb pots with kraft exterior and white interior, filled with soil and basil. Reverse of lid with growing instructions and packet of basil seeds in foreground.

The Pocket Garden Club was created in March 2020, during the lockdown, to enable anyone, regardless of available outdoor space, to sow, grow and eat their own micro greens.

With a simple mission, The Pocket Garden Club’s ‘grow-your-own’ kits come with organic soil, non-GMO seeds, and easy to follow guides for people to harvest naturally grown micro greens straight from their homes.

Drawn to Colpac’s commitment to sustainability and compostable packaging solutions, Pocket Garden Club opted for the compostable souper pot range.

Importantly the lining of the pot provides a leak proof barrier, so any plant watering stays inside the pot. Additionally, it is light and compact, making it easy to post to customers cost effectively.

Branding was also important, and the Pocket Garden Club opted to add labels to the products which is a simple and cost-effective way of conveying a brand identity. Further to this, they added an instruction label to the inside of the lid showing how to sow and care for the herbs.

We also offer a selection of compostable soup pots as part of our stock product range.

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