A high-quality, unique packaging solution, strong enough to securely hold filled ice cream pots.

Person in blue shirt holding red Islabben ice cream tray containing six pots of vanilla ice cream.

Kongeparken, a large theme park in Norway, was seeking a bespoke packaging solution to hold ice cream from its Islabben (ice cream laboratory). The ice cream was made in collaboration with ice cream producer and supplier Hennig-Olsen.

The key requirements for the ice cream tray were centred around stability and easy of handling. Colpac selected a rigid, stable board that could take the weight of six ice cream pots, containing one scoop each, without bowing or flexing. The solution was designed in a unique, easy to hold shape and to work with an additional carry handle as part of future product development with Kongeparken.

Keeping the ice cream pots secure was also important. The cut-out sizing was tested and optimised to make sure that the pots were secured firmly enough to remain in the tray, but not so tightly that they were difficult for the consumer to remove.

The customer requested a high-quality tray to reflect the premium standard of the ice cream product from the supplier. The combination of superior materials, expert manufacturing and sturdy construction reflected this. Custom print was also added to showcase Kongeparken’s branding of Islabben and its supplier Hennig-Olsen.

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