Greencore were looking for a packaging solution for a customer, to showcase their flatbread range.

Overhead shot of bespoke Fuzione pack with clear lid, filled with chicken tikka flatbread.

Large Fuzione® was the ideal solution for the flatbread. It offers a stable and flat base that can be filled on a production line partnered with a tight-fitting, manually applied lid. Labelling for the Chicken Tikka and Moroccan Style flatbreads provides tamper-proofing as well as showcasing the brand and detailing product ingredients and nutritional information.

Sustainability was also key, and the ability for the consumer to recycle the pack was a ‘must have’. Fuzione® fitted these requirements.

The tray is FSC® certified and recyclable as paper/card, and the anti-mist lid, is made from 100% rPET and is also recyclable.

Fuzione® provides excellent on shelf impact due to its full width clear lid and the product can be easily stacked for optimised merchandising. The range has been a summer hit for Greencore’s customer introducing a welcome alternative to the traditional sandwich and showcasing vibrant tastes and flavours.

We offer several Fuzione® products as part of our stock range.

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