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Multi-Food Pots

One of the most popular and versatile packaging formats in the food market, multi-food pots provide excellent visibility for a multitude of vibrant salads and hot food-to-go.

Offered in both printed and natural kraft formats, our new range is FSC® certified and comes in a variety of sizes with corresponding rPET anti-mist lids.

We have invested in UK manufacturing and brought the production of multi-food pots to the UK. This reduces the carbon footprint of importing finished goods and secures the supply chain and quality of the products.

Key Attributes

  • UK manufacture
  • FSC® sustainably sourced materials
  • Recyclable base and lid
  • Superior grease resistance
  • Stable and easy to use
  • Wide aperture for easy filling
  • Printed kraft, natural kraft and bespoke options
  • Tight fitting lids for all sizes
  • Clear anti-mist rPET lid provides excellent product visibility
  • Simple to open and re-close
  • Easy to hold and eat from

Multi Food Pot VerticalNatural Kraft

Introducing our range of FSC® natural kraft multi-food pots, manufactured in the UK. This range is sold separately to corresponding rPET anti-mist lids, to offer the option of heat sealing the bases separately to lidding for either hot or cold food. The natural kraft artisan material inside and out showcases the recyclability of these products and offsets the contents perfectly.

Printed Kraft

Our printed kraft multi-food pots are made with FSC® certified white board. The printed kraft exterior and white, PE coated interior make the product easier to keep clean during filling. These pots are combination packed with rPET anti-mist lids, minimising SKUs, and maximizing space efficiency.


Our bespoke multi-food pots are manufactured in the UK from FSC® certified material, just like their stock counterparts. This means you can be assured of the quality and continuity of supply from our UK factory. Pret A Manger are just one of our customers using a bespoke solution for a high-end salad range, to present their fresh ingredients with maximum visibility.

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