Barnecutts selected Colpac’s UK manufactured 550ml multi-food pots to market its vibrant salad range.

Front view of blue salad bowl with Malcom Barnecutt logo. Filled with halved boiled egg, potato salad, coleslaw, tomatoes, and salad leaves.

Colpac already worked with Abpac, a leading packaging distributor, to supply Barnecutts, a bakery chain based in the southwest of England, from its overseas partner. Moving to UK manufacture was something that resonated with Barnecutts, as it fit with their locally sourced produce and family run approach.

The multi-food pots are recyclable once food waste is removed, and made from FSC® paperboard, supporting their customers drive for sustainable packaging.

The multi-food pots are custom printed using Barnecutts striking branding, with a deep black background and contrasting red logo. UK production enables shorter production lead times, reduced transportation costs, and reduction in the carbon footprint of finished goods by not importing from overseas.

The multi-food pots can now be found in Barnecutts outlets across the southwest of England.

We also offer multi-food pots in natural kraft and multi-food pots in printed kraft, as part of our stock range.

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