Clasp® Square Cut Sandwich Packs

Our Clasp® square cut sandwich packs are perfect for packaging square cut sandwiches or bread rolls.

These packs are easy to fill and through sealing and wrapping give their fillings a longer shelf-life. The board offers stability, and the film offers great visibility of food contents. We have natural kraft and printed kraft effect options available, both of which provide an artisan look and feel.

We also have options for either hand or machine sealing. Our Clasp® Clip option suits food sellers without access to sealing machinery, whereas our Clasp® Seal Bloomer Sleeve can be quickly and easily secured with our ColSeal® KFC200 impulse sealer.

Perfect for the food-to-go retail trade, these packs are also recyclable after use. See full Clasp® range.

  • Recyclable
  • Delivered flat
  • Custom print available
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  Description Code Material Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Case Quantity What do these mean?
Clasp® Clip Square Sandwich 01CSS6K Recycled kraft board. PP film Sustainability Credentials 120/320(inc. film) x 85 x 70mm 500
Clasp® Seal Bloomer Sleeve 04BL6K White board kraft print effect to exterior. PET film Sustainability Credentials 120/250(inc. film) x 85/154 x 70mm 500

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The paperboard material in these products is commercially compostable withing 90 days (EN132432 standard), where facilities are available.
The film material used for these products is commercially compostable within 90 days (EN132432 standard).
The plastic lids/window films used for these products are recyclable.
The lids for these products are made from recycled plastic material (rPET).
The board for these products is recyclable.
The board for these products is made from recycled material.
The product is suitable for microwave use.
The product is suitable for oven use.
The product is suitable for use in hot cabinets.
The product is suitable for freezer use.
Products with a shorter shelf-life.
Product with a longer shelf-life.
Products with an extended shelf-life.


In our material descriptions we use abbreviations, this glossary explains the materials.

PE – Polyethylene
PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate
PP – Polypropylene