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New products added to Colpac’s recyclable Stagione® range

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19th September 2023
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Close up of Colpac's 1000ml square Stagione pot, filled with sushi and sashimi. Other filled Stagione products in foreground and background.

Colpac has introduced a new 1000ml square Stagione® variant to further expand its extensive range of recyclable food packaging. This size has been launched to appeal particularly to the chilled food market with a new rPET lid launched alongside.

Product Details

The new square Stagione® has a PP coating giving a superior grease and moisture barrier, one of the most robust barrier coatings on the market. The square 1000ml size is shallower in depth than Colpac’s existing 1250ml size, whilst retaining the large visible area for product within.

A new style of rPET lid has been launched alongside this pot. With anti-mist coating, it has crystal clear clarity and a smooth finish which is ideal for labelling. The new rPET lid fits both square Stagione® base sizes, extending the use these for use in chilled cabinets.

Colpac’s new 1000ml square Stagione® contains 5.7% plastic, putting it well below OPRL’s 10% recycling threshold. It is made from FSC® certified paperboard, verifying sustainable sourcing, in support customer and consumer calls for sustainable products. The new square lid is made from 100% recycled PET and can be recycled after use.

Product testing and quality assurance is of paramount importance to Colpac, so declarations of conformity around food safety and product usages can be provided to customers on request.

Versatility of Stagione®

Core to the versatility of the Stagione® range is the variety of sizes and shapes in the fourteen strong portfolio. The range offers high barrier properties, whilst still retaining its sustainable credentials.

Colpac’s Stagione® PP range is ideal to package a multitude of dishes and is suitable for use at all stages of food production, service, and sale. Freezer safe and microwaveable, the range can be used for a wide variety of food-to-go environments, including hot hold cabinets and chillers, with the associated lids for each environment.

Colpac has recently launched lightweighted PE coated Stagione® products. These are ideal for customers that do not require reheating functionality and are perfect for the instant serve and chilled food markets.

Colpac also offers PP coated bowls as part of its Stagione® range, as well as other oven safe food packaging such as its Cookpac® line.

Colpac’s extensive Stagione range, including PP coated pots and bowls, and PE coated pots.

Interested in Stagione®?

Colpac’s Stagione® range includes PP coated pots and lids, PE coated pots and lids, and PP coated bowls.

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