Wrapstars were seeking a bespoke printed platter sleeve to highlight their catering brand for their wrap products.

Overhead shot of Wrap Stars catering platter. Kraft box with black outline design of wrap man presenting to three other people.

Wrapstars is a wrap catering chain based in Austria. Wrapstars had purchased Colpac stock product through Austrian packaging distributor Klarpac before, and were impressed with the quality and service. This gave them the confidence to entrust the team to develop the bespoke printed solution.

Wrapstars did not require a window for their product and wanted to maximise the branding opportunity for their illustrated design. Colpac worked with the Klarpac and Wrapstars teams to provide an artwork template for the design and advised on which print would work best on the chosen kraft board.

The platter sleeve fits the Colpac stock medium base which cut down lead time and costs for the finished platter. The base comes with pop out tabs for easy handling and easy insertion to the sleeve, which is secured by simple tabs for transport.

Product sustainability was an important characteristic for Wrapstars, the platters are made from kraft paperboard which is recyclable once the consumer has removed any leftover food.

The platters used by Wrapstars in their restaurant in Vienna, their food trucks and for catered events.

We offer a variety of platter trays, sleeves, and boxes as part of our stock product range.

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