Greencore wanted a premium packaging solution to showcase a range of cold and hot eat salads.

Two bespoke, kraft Stagione pots with clear lids, one resting on top of the other. Filled with meat and rice dishes and wooden forks.

Stagione® was the ideal solution for the range of salads as it can be used for either chilled or hot food-to-go. The bases have wide apertures and anti-mist lids, which provide excellent product visibility in a chiller, and the bases are microwave safe; so customers can remove the lid and heat the contents if preferred.

Stagione® is manufactured from FSC® certified paperboard and the anti-mist lids are 100% rPET, representing sustainability requirements. The packaged salads also have a recyclable sleeve to display product details, created by Greencore, so the entire pack is recyclable.

It offers a stable, rectangular base that can be filled on a production line, ideal for multiple salad items to be packed and processed. The 500ml Stagione® pots partner with a tight-fitting lid, keeping contents secure during transport, display and on the move with the consumer.

Following a successful trial, the product is now being sold nationwide. It featured in one of the retail outlet’s advertising campaigns for summer lunches.

We also offer a large selection of Stagione® pots and Stagione® bowls as part of our stock product range.

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