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As one of the largest packaging companies in Ireland and the UK Zeus were quick to react to customer calls for sustainable packaging. Working with Colpac, Zeus have developed a range for their LeafWARE brand that is based on the award-winning Zest™ Eco-Packaging assortment.

The LeafWARE assortment includes a sandwich wedge and wrap pack and 2 sizes of salad packs all are manufactured from materials that are wood based and are compostable to EN13432 and fully recyclable. With the window and packaging made from the same material base the packs can be composted and recycled as a single unit meaning that the window does not need to be separated from the pack before disposal.

The packaging has been branded with a compostable and recyclable icon so it is clear to the end user that the packs are environmentally friendly and can be disposed of in all available waste streams.

The LeafWARE compostable and recyclable range can be sourced through the Zeus website

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