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Stagione® bowls with unique shape added to Colpac’s award-winning range

The new product line extension has a unique bowl shape that maximises product visibility and value perception. Its high-end construction reflects the quality of the food product within. The wide opening also enables consumers easy access for consumption and is perfectly shaped to fit in the hand.

Stagione® bowls are suitable for a wide spectrum of products across the food-to-go marketplace. This includes frozen and chilled dishes, hot-food-to-go, and delivered meals. The available sizes are 600ml, 1050ml, and 1300ml.

Each bowl is microwavable, features high barrier properties and has a tight-fitting PP lid which prevents leaking and provides ventilation to let out condensation whilst maintaining heat. rPET lids with an anti-mist coating are also available for the 600ml and 1300ml sizes, so these bowls can also be utilised for packaging chilled food-to-go.

The new bowls, along with the entire Stagione® range, are manufactured from mixed FSC® accredited board, meeting the coating levels for CPI and OPRL’s recyclability thresholds for 2023.

The rigid construction of the Stagione® bowls allows nesting and easy stacking for transport or display. They are ideal for both manual fills back of house or for full production line pack and process, with options to heat seal. They are certified for use in freezers, chilled food cabinets, hot hold cabinets and microwaves.

Since launching Stagione®, Colpac has witnessed significant demand for the innovative, award-winning range. The product development team has also expanded the range of rectangular trays, from three to seven, including sizes from 150ml through to 1250ml.

The addition of the bowls is testament to the unique capabilities of the range, along with Colpac’s ability to design and manufacture packaging solutions which directly meet the needs of retailers and food service operators.

“We continually review our product ranges, and the addition of Stagione® bowls demonstrates our drive to bring unique packaging concepts to the market,comments Kate Berry, Colpac’s Head of Marketing & Product. “As with all our products, every part of the supply chain has been considered in the specification of the bowls, from point of fill through to point of disposal. We are delighted with the success of Stagione® and the addition of the bowls provides even more options for our customers.”

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