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Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

We know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to reducing our environmental footprint and impact on the environment. But with sustainability embedded in our business ethos, we’re working even more to assess the impact of our manufacturing processes on the environment. Our cross-departmental Green Team leads our commitment to tackling a range of environmental impacts across our business, from carbon emissions to pollution, waste, and beyond. Carbon offsetting, supporting local biodiversity, and adapting our business practices is just the start. 

Folly Wood Flower

Carbon Offsetting

We are proud to be engaging with the Woodland Trust’s unique, market-leading Carbon Capture programme. By partnering with the Woodland Trust, we can make sure that our contributions to carbon offsetting are credible, long-term, and sustainable. 

Through this scheme, customers can capture the CO2 from the manufacturing and distribution processes of the products they order from us. In return, the Woodland Trust plants new native woodland right here in the UK (they even issue a certificate detailing how much woodland customers help to create and how much CO2 they capture!). 

Contact us to find out more. 

Local biodiversity 

Our site in Flitwick is across the road from Folly Wood, part Flitwick Moor; the largest wetland in Bedfordshire and one of the Bedfordshire, Cambridge and Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust‘s most important conservation sites. We count ourselves lucky to have such a valued area of nature right next door and, to make sure this doesn’t change, we have been a valued supporter and Investor Level corporate member of BCN Wildlife Trust for over 12 years*. 

*We even developed a compostable BCN Wildlife Trust patented pack that includes an image of the beautiful Folly Wood.

Adapting our business practices 

Reducing our impact in the environment is increasingly built into our internal and operational processes. This includes: 

  • Upholding our ISO: 14001 accreditation as well as many other credentials that help us to improve our environmental performance. 
  • Recycling 100% of our board waste. 
  • Multiple on-site recycling options. 
  • Clear objectives and KPIs to ensure ongoing improvement. 
  • A range of projects to reduce our Scope 1 & 2 emissions, such as LED lighting.
  • Design optimisation to reduce and prevent waste.
  • Ongoing engagement with the waste and wider food and drink industry to ensure our packaging meets waste recovery requirements.  

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