ColSeal™ Savvie

Our ColSeal™ Savvie is ideal for sealing Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.).

Our ColSealTM Savvie is available to seal 4 x packs per seal cycle (subject to pack size).

This semi-automatic pneumatic operated sealing machine is initiated by closing the tool plate drawer containing our packs and pressing the start button. It has five programmable controls to adjust varied heat seal cycles.

We offer tooling for this machine to seal M.A.P. and heat seal sandwich packs and trays.

Made from food grade S304 stainless steel, it is mobile and fits into production areas with access to a 3-phase plug fitting.

  • Semi-automatic sealer with vacuum pump or compressor
  • Five heat and seal cycles to select from
  • Multi pocket base tool available
  • Integral vacuum pump for M.A.P.
  • Optional silent running compress available (at extra cost)
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  Code Description Production Speed Sealing Capacity Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Weight Power
08SAVGAS ColSeal™ Savvie >2 cycles per minute (M.A.P.) >6 cycles per minute (non-M.A.P) 260 x 400mm wide 580 x 900 x 1325mm 175kg 380/415V x 3 phase

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The paperboard material in these products is commercially compostable withing 90 days (EN132432 standard), where facilities are available.
The film material used for these products is commercially compostable within 90 days (EN132432 standard).
The plastic lids/window films used for these products are recyclable.
The lids for these products are made from recycled plastic material (rPET).
The board for these products is recyclable.
The board for these products is made from recycled material.
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In our material descriptions we use abbreviations, this glossary explains the materials.

PE – Polyethylene
PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate
PP – Polypropylene