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Stagione®......a pack for all seasons

Stagione® offers six different sizes – 150ml, 250ml, 500ml, 650ml, 750ml and 1000ml. The Stagione® range is designed to work across a wide variety of markets. It is suitable for frozen, chilled, hot and delivered foods. There are lids suitable for all of these uses and whatever the context Stagione provides a great packaging solution for your food.

Stagione Range Empty_2

For more information download the Stagione® flyer.

Due to its rigid construction, and unique shape, the Stagione® range answers the need for easy to fill and stable packaging. The pack is ideal for use in a kitchen as well as on a production line. Its nestable, rigid and rolled-top construction means it can easily be lidded or heat sealed, manually or mechanically.

The kraft artisan look and feel creates a strong on shelf impact and represents the product’s sustainable credentials. Including manfacture from mixed FSC® accredited board and meeting the coating levels for CPI and OPRL’s recyclability thresholds and is future proof for 2023 and beyond.

All of the bases feature a unique rolled-top construction and rounded rectangular shape which provide optimized shelf density for merchandising.

The 500ml, 650ml 750ml and 1000ml feature a tight fitting ‘one size fits all’ lid, in three material options. These include kraft PP lined paperboard and plug fit anti-mist rPET and PP .

New smaller sizes

There are two new sizes added to the range, which are suitable for individual proteins, deserts, and snack foods/grazing. The 150ml and 250ml trays are PP lined like their larger counterparts and are suitable for reheating in the microwave and come with a rPET lid that fits both.

Stagione 150-250ml

Stagione® Benefits

There are many benefits for the use of Stagione®, and we have evaluated product performance throughout the supply chain.

Stagione Benefits Supply Chain Table

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