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Longer Shelf Life Packs

There are many benefits to an increase in shelf life of a day or two for sandwiches.  Most important is the reduction in food waste when unsold products don’t have to be thrown away a few hours after preparation. A longer shelf life pack can mean that sandwich production can move to a central unit.  This will lead to supply chain efficiencies and better on shelf availability. Finally, it is possible to transport longer shelf life packs over longer distances.  This can increase the range of distribution and reduce the number of deliveries.
Our range of longer shelf life sandwich packs includes the ‘Appealable’ self seal packs and the Zest™ heat seal packs.


Peel & Re-seal – no machinery necessary! Just peel away the release paper to reveal a food-safe adhesive strip. The packs can close again after opening.
• Board commercially compostable to EN13432
• Recyclable board
• Water based dispersion coating provides an excellent moisture and grease resistant barrier
• Window film commercially compostable to EN13432
• Longer shelf life provided by patented self sealing mechanism
• Resealable to keep food fresh for longer

Zest™ Heat Seal

The Zest™ Heat Seal range has the same credentials as the whole Zest™ Eco-Packaging range, but with the added benefit of being heat sealable.
• Heat seal without using plastic board coatings
• No additional laminates or glues required
• Machinery available, either tabletop or large scale for food manufacture
• Recyclable with less than 5% bioplastic
• Tamper evidence via heat seal

About the range

Zest™ Eco-Packaging is fully compostable and it’s our most sustainable packaging range for the retail and food service industry.  This range uses materials that are not only sustainably sourced but also compostable to EN13432 standard. In addition the board is recyclable after removing the cellulose window and any food waste.
There is a leading water-based coating on the board which provides excellent grease and moisture resistance.
The cellulose window gives superior clarity and UV protection.  Plus it is home compostable as well as commercially compostable to EN13432.
Our Zest™ range features a kraft effect print.  This means bespoke print options are on a white base, which improves colour matching.  Ideal to accentuate your brand.  Additional material options are available for some of the range, such as full cellulose lamination.
To find out more about our Zest™ Eco-Packaging, please visit the individual product pages below.

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