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The range of microwaveable souper pots are perfect for hot serve, hot cabinets, and reheating in the microwave. We offer a variety of sizes with options for single serve, or a larger container that can feed the family.
Easy to fill in a manufacturing environment or for serve and consume. They have a stable base and wide aperture and nest for space efficiency. They are perfect for pre-prep, as they are microwaveable or can be kept in a hot cabinet up to 85°C.

Ideal for delivery and takeaway with leakproof barrier, good stability, and tight-fitting lids. Souper pots retain heat well during transit and the hot lids have vents to let out condensation.

For the consumer, they are perfect for handheld food on the go. With a wide opening making these pots easy to eat from and they can be can re-heated in the microwave for later consumption.

From a sustainability perspective the bases and paperboard lids meet the OPRL tolerances for fibre packaging from 2023, and the PP lids are recyclable in a separate waste stream.

Our pots are also available with a PLA lining making them fully compostable.

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