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Our Cookpac®  range has been specifically developed to withstand a myriad of environments to make it the perfect multifunctional pack.

The Cookpac® range is ideal for product that has to travel through the supply chain from frozen to regeneration back of house and through hot hold and perhaps even reheating by the end consumer. The range is suitable for use in the freezer, microwave and oven and as such is an incredibly flexible pack.

Made from printed kraft ovenable board with a webed design Cookpac® Same Day is a leakproof pack with an integrated lid and secure fastening. The pack is availabile in a range of sizes from 432ml / 15 UK fl.oz through to 1540ml / 54UK fl.oz.

Delivered nested and pre formed the pack is spece efficient fo easy storage in the kitken or back of house. With a wide opening it is easy to fill and it is suitable for one touch as it can be frozen and reheated in a microwave or oven (220ºc for 30 min).

Cookpac® is also available in a laminated version providing a window for visibility of the produt within, these are subject to minimum order quantities.

The pack is easy to transport and merchandise as it stacks well and is robust. Heat is retained well for the delivery market with some ventelation for condensation.

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