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Zest Salad Boxes

Introducing our Chilled Food to Go Zest™ range. The range brings all of the Zest™ product attributes as well as an over the edge window and push tuck closure.

Sizes range from the fully laminated Zest™ Deli Box at 250ml, perfect for proteins and breakfast options such as oats, yoghurt and fruit.

Through Salad Boxes with 375ml, 500ml, 825ml, 900ml and 1000ml volumes.

The 900ml Zest™ Deep Salad Box has a distinctive design.

• Recyclable kraft board
• Looks larger than 900ml volume
• Fits neatly in consumers hand
• Simple push tuck closure
• Over edge window for greater content visibility

Zest™ Heat Seal
The Zest™ Heat Seal range has the same credentials as the whole Zest™ Eco-Packaging range, but with the added benefit of being heat sealable.

• Heat sealed without using plastic board coatings
• No additional laminates or glues required
• Heat sealing machinery available, either tabletop or large scale for food manufacture
• Recyclable with less than 5% bioplastic
• Tamper evidence via heat seal

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