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Chilled Food To Go

A diverse range of products are available to support the vibrant chilled food to go market.

The chilled food to go market has seen many changes in recent years, with vibrant combinations of food hitting the shelves. From high end protein led options to colourful and healthy vegan alternatives this market continues to grow. Our range has expanded to cater for the requirements of this diverse market.

There are options to suit all requirements, from salad boxes, Multifood pots and Stagione® to our award-winning Fuzione® and Combione® ranges. Our chilled food to go packaging solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes to support the varied food types in this market.

The assortment has products designed and manufactured from both recyclable and compostable materials to suit environmentally focused consumers.

On-shelf impact is key and our packaging is designed with this in mind with over edge windows on our salad boxes and anti-mist lids on our pots and trays.  To add to this and maximise your brand, our packaging can be customised from labels, and wraps to full print branding to maximise on-shelf presence.

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