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Medium Two Compartment Box

  • Recyclable
  • Water and grease resistant
  • Perfect for takeaway and delivery
  • Custom print available


    Dimensions:170/150 x 135/120 x 65mm
    Volume:Total 1050ml (380 / 670ml)
    Material:Kraft paperboard
    Case Size:200s

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The Two Compartment Box Medium is a recyclable single pack from our hot food to go range. With a total capacity of up to 1,050 ml the medium pack has a 670ml large compartment alongside a smaller compartment of 380ml.  This provides an ideal solution for a main dish and a side.

Nestable for space efficiency, the Two Compartment Box features a simple clip closure to allow stacking.  It also minimises heat loss with an integral lid. The pack offers fantastic branding opportunities as custom printing is available.

Ideal for packing two dishes hot or cold, the pack simplifies portion control and reduces the need for additional packaging.  Coated with a barrier to prevent any grease or liquid permeating through the pack, means it can be used for hot holding.

Made from kraft board it is recyclable once all food waste is removed.

The Two Compartment Box Medium is suitable for the food to go trade, particularly food on the go deliveries and takeaway.

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