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Teddy Bears Meal Boxes

  • Suitable for fast food and snacks; also as a gift, party or activity box
  • Multi-purpose disposable packaging
  • Available in many different colours and original designs
  • Compostable, recyclable and FSC® certified cardboard
  • Custom print manufacture available to highlight branding

Product delivered flat.

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    Dimensions:152 x 100 x 102 mm
    Material:Base: Printed white board
    Case Size:250s

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The Teddy Bears Meal Boxes are part of the compostable FSC® party range.  They are perfect for a children’s party or picnic because the boxes can hold party food, snacks and even a juice box!

The meal boxes are designed and manufactured in the UK.  The printed paperboard material is commercially compostable to EN13432 standard and fully recyclable. In addition they are FSC® certified.  In conclusion these are a very sustainable choice of children’s food packaging.

Each case of the Teddy Bears Meal Boxes contains three different designs of boxes so they’re suitable for a kids menu option at a restaurant or takeaway.

This packaging is ideal for leisure parks and funfairs, attractions, concerts and cinemas. It is also suitable for party organisers, restaurants, markets, catering and event catering.

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