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Small Souper Pot Wrap

• Small Souper pot wrap for 225ml/8oz & 350ml/12 oz cups. Suitable for both compostable and microwaveable souper pots.
• Recyclable
• Made from recycled materials
• Custom print available

Limited stock at reduced price, contact us for details.

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    Dimensions:225ml/8 UK fl.oz & 350ml/ 12 UK fl.oz
    Volume:225ml/8 UK fl.oz & 350ml/ 12 UK fl.oz
    Case Size:1000s

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The Small Souper Pot Wrap is from our hot food to go range.  It is available in 2 sizes.  This small size is suitable for 225 – 350ml, or 8 – 12 UK fl.oz. pots.  The pot wraps are designed to fit with our range of pots, please test for size if you are using different pots, samples are available on request.

The thick corrugated board is ideal to protect customers from burning their hands while holding takeaway hot drinks and food.   For example Asian broths, porridge, soups etc.  We recommend putting the pot wrap on the cup after filling.

The kraft board gives a natural and authentic look which is easy to customise with a label.  Alternatively this product is ideal for custom print to emphasise your brand.

The small souper pot wrap is fully recyclable after use.  Furthermore it is made from recycled board.  In short this is a very sustainable packaging choice.

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