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Printed Heat Seal Sandwich Pack 77/65

Printed Heat Seal Sandwich Pack 77/65

  • Optimum product protection for two deep filled sandwiches
  • Heat-seal disposable packaging
  • Retains freshness for 3+ days (varies according to product)
  • Grease-resistant coating (subject to product-specific tests)
  • Can be individually adjusted according to customers’ desires and needs

Product delivered flat.

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SKU: 01ST23P7
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    Dimensions:119.5 x 77/65 x 119.5 mm
    Material:Base: white printed paperboard, coated
Window: plastic
    Case Size:500s

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Printed Heat Seal Sandwich Pack 77/65 is made of recyclable paperboard and has a grease-resistant coating (subject to product-specific tests).

A sealer is required for secure and optimum sealing of this packaging.

The Printed  Heat Seal Sandwich Pack 75/65 is suitable for two deep filled sandwiches. The sandwiches can be easily viewed through the clear window and are presented in a tasteful and attractive way.

This packaging is aimed at:
Food retail trade, ready-to-eat section in supermarkets, convenience stores, takeaway shops, petrol stations, cafeterias, markets, catering and event catering.


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