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Combione® Medium Box

•Perfect for pasta and rice dishes, salad, sushi and fruit
•Suitable for automatic production and efficient labelling
•Secure closing and re-closing system (with/without label)
•Special lid (rPET) fused to base with anti-fog function
•Recyclable packaging
•Custom print manufacture is available for this product
•A patent application for the packaging has been submitted

The packaging is delivered nested (units inserted into each other) ready for use.


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    Dimensions:190/170 x 147/127 x 45 mm
    Volume:1,110 ml/37.5 fl. oz
    Material:Base: Paperboard, printed Kraft effect. Inside: white, plastic coating.
Lid: Anti-fog recycled plastic
    Case Size:200s

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The Combione® 1110ml Medium Kraft Box with Anti-Mist Lid is from our chilled food to go range.  Available in black or printed Kraft and in three sizes.  This unique pack has patent protection, and what’s more our manufacturing site is in the UK. So you can be sure of a quality product.

The Combione® packs combine two high-quality material in a one part packaging concept.  The paperboard base and the plastic lid go through a fusion process to join them together as a one piece pack.  The base material is PE coated paperboard which prevents absorption from dressings and sauces.  While the lid is 100% rPET and anti-mist. This feature offers excellent visibility of the food inside.  This is important as over a third of shoppers gauge the freshness of a product from its appearance, and completely clear packaging is a cue to freshness.

The construction of this packaging enables efficient labelling.  However the lid itself closes securely even without an additional label.  Alternatively custom print manufacture is available for this product to maximise your branding impact.  Please contact us for further details (minimum order applies).

The functionality of this packaging is particularly suitable for automatic production lines.  The pack requires no folding, thus speeding up the filling and packaging process.  The packs are stackable and therefore can transport easily and safely.  The packs are completely recyclable.  In conclusion the Combione® 1110ml Medium Kraft Box with Anti-Mist Lid is ideal for the retail trade as well as the food-service, catering and food-processing industries.

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