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Clasp® Clip Pocket Baguette

  • Optimum product protection for baguettes, bread rolls, rye breads, hot dogs, paninis and Swiss rolls
  • Integrated film pocket which is pre-sealed at each end
  • Suitable for cold food products
  • Attractive presentation
  • Time-saving and easy to use
  • Can be adjusted to individual product sizes
  • Recyclable packaging, recycled and biodegradable paperboard
  • Can be individually adjusted according to customers’ desires and needs
  • Product delivered flat
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    Dimensions:303 x 162mm - suitable for fillings 63.5-70mm in diameter and up to 300mm long
    Material:Base: Paperboard, Kraft
Film: BOPP
    Case Size:500s

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The Clasp® Clip Pocket Baguette is perfect for packaging fresh baguettes and rolls to takeaway.  Alternatively it can hold hot dogs, paninis and even Swiss roll cakes!

The combination of film attached to paperboard makes this a sturdy pack which offers optimum product protection and visibility. It is easy to use both during the packaging of the food product and for the end customer to hold and transport.  The food products can simply slide into the plastic film pocket and is attractively ready with a few hand movements. With the adjustable clip mechanism, each individual product is safe and secure.

The all-in-one Clasp® packaging range is ideal for both hot and cold food to go.  This Clasp® Clip Pocket Baguette packaging is suitable for delicatessens, take-away shops, bakeries, sandwich and coffee shops.  It is also great for catering companies and event organisers.

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