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C-Vis® 4 Compartment Insert

• Perfect supplement to the C-vis™ microwave tray
• Attractive presentation of different main and side dishes
• Save time and money with the pre-fabricated tray
• A packaging solution suitable for microwaves
• Custom print manufacture available for this product

The inserts are delivered flat.

Limited stock at reduced price available.

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    Material:Black Plastic tray
    Case Size:250s

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The ‘C-Vis® 4 Compartment Insert’ is particularly suitable for use as a flexible insert in the C-Vis® microwave tray.
Also available in 2 compartment variant using code 01CVS2IW.

The insert divides the tray into 4 equal parts.  This allows the tray to hold 4 different foods, such as tapas or chinese starters, in a single serving.

The selected combination of paperboard (printed kraft effect) and plastic gives this packaging system a pleasant and natural appearance. Also it presents the food inside in an attractive and professional way.

This packaging is perfect for the retail food trade because it is a long shelf life pack.  The C-Vis® 4-compartment Insert is also suitable for catering and meals on wheels (delivery service).

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