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Rectangular Multi-food Carton

Optimum product protection for noodle and rice dishes
•Disposable packaging in ‘Taste of the Orient’ design (printed)
•Recyclable paperboard and plastic window
•Can be individually adjusted according to customers’ desires and needs

The packaging is delivered nested (units inserted into each other).

Dimensions: 185/167 x 103/90 x 58 mm
Filling volume: 1,000 ml, 35 oz
Packaging unit (piece): 250

Base material: Printed CFBB board

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Product Description

This square ‘Asian take-away carton’ from the ‘Taste of the Orient’ range is made of coated CFBB board. The printed paperboard material is recyclable.

The paperboard carton has a lid that can easily be tucked in and closed and is ideal for Asian dishes as well as take-aways and snacks.

This packaging is aimed at:
Delis, convenience stores, take-away shops, petrol stations, cafeterias, markets, catering and event catering.


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