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M.A.P. Salad Box

  • Suitable for long life salads, ready meals and noodle and rice dishes (filling volume: 1,340 ml/45 UK fl.oz)
  • Disposable packaging made of high-quality paperboard (heat-sealable)
  • Attractive product presentation
  • Extended product freshness (subject to product-specific tests), less food waste
  • Custom print manufacture is available for this product.

The packaging is delivered nested (units inserted into each other) ready for use.



    Dimensions:175/155 x 135/115 x 65 mm
    Volume:1,340 ml/45 UK fl.oz
    Material:Base: Paperboard, laminated (printed Kraft effect)
Window: Plastic Transparent
    Case Size:250s

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The ‘M.A.P. Salad Box’ is from our chilled food to go range.  It has a filling volume of 1,340 ml or 45 UK fl. oz.  Manufactured from high-quality, recyclable, laminated paperboard, this pack typically contains only 15% of the plastic (by weight) of the equivalent full plastic packs.

This innovative paperboard salad box is a specially developed M.A.P. pack (modified atmosphere packaging) that can keep products fresh for longer (subject to product-specific tests).  We have designed and developed our ColMAP range of packaging and machinery over several years.  Our team of experts have installed M.A.P. sealing machinery lines with food manufacturers and processors around the world.

A particular benefit of modified atmosphere packaging solutions is that the expected shelf life of food can be increased significantly.  Firstly this means a reduction in food waste with its cost and environmental consequences. Secondly, these special packaging solutions offer extra possibilities in terms of logistics efficiencies and distribution extensions.  Finally there is a potential improvement in production efficiency (machine capacity, employee working hours, storage).

The white paperboard has a kraft effect print for a natural and authentic look.  This pack is available from stock for trials and testing at production sites.  The salad box has integrated clear windows on the top and on the side.  This means that there is good on shelf visibility of the food inside.

It is possible to use this laminated pack without a modified atmosphere sealing process. Freshness can then increase by up to seven days (subject to product-specific tests).

This M.A.P. Salad Box is suitable for the food retail trade, ready-to-eat section in supermarkets and convenience stores.  It is also great for cafeterias, catering and event catering.

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