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ColSeal® SE1000 Sealing Machine – Production Model

•Ideal for ready-to-eat section in supermarkets, delis, catering and event catering
•Automatic sealer with conveyor
•Suitable for heat-seal sandwich packs and trays (paperboard)
•Fast and reliable operation as well as easy to clean
•Can be individually adjusted according to customers’ desires and needs

Up to 1200 units per hour, subject to load and reload

Please note that compressed air is required to operate this sealer (not included in delivery)


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    Dimensions:700 x 1,119 x 2,211 mm
    Case Size:1s

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The automatic ‘ColSeal® SE1000 conveyor sealer’ is suitable for many kinds of paperboard packaging with an integrated paperboard lid.

The sealer has a weight of 150 kg.

The ColSeal® SE1000 is ideal for sealing Colpac’s heat-seal paperboard packs (sandwich packs and trays) as well as other PE-coated packs. The individual sealing frames can be easily mounted by hand with the desired packaging.

The robust machine engineering and simple design make the machine safe and easy to operate.
The machine requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean thoroughly.

Ideal for ready-to-eat section in supermarkets, delis, catering and event catering.

Watch how this machine works.

This sealing machine is designed specifically for larger deli or sandwich manufacturers.

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