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ColSeal® Savvie

• Semi-automatic sealer with vacuum pump or compressor
• Compact steel housing with corresponding safety features
• Seals up to four sandwich packs in one sealing cycle

Optional available: Film roll holder (shown in image)

Dimensions: 600 x 900 x 1,325 mm
Sealing surface: 219 x 165 mm
Weight: ~ 175 kg
Voltage: 380/415 volts, 3 phases
Compressed air supply: 6 bar

Materials (housing): Steel S-304

Please note that compressed air is required to operate this sealer (not included in delivery)!



    Dimensions:600 x 900 x 1,325 mm
    Material:Stainless steel
    Case Size:1000s

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With the correct dedicated tooling the ColSeal® Savvie can be used for sandwich, wrap, salad and baguette trays and C-Vis products all with PE or PLA (Bio) window film. Film seal or cartonboard (lid attached) sealing options available. Large ColSeal® Savvie available with a sealing capacity of 400 x 500mm. Optional program for vacuum variation. Optional program for gas injection. Customer to supply gas in pre-mix or through mixer.

Innovative Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) for cartonboard sandwich pack

So that food looks and keeps better for longer

Benefits include:
• Extended shelf-life
• Preserved quality (reducing food-related health hazards)
• Improved presentation

Click above to see how this machine works.

Height: 1325mm
Weight: 235kg
Footprint: 600 x 900mm
Sealing Speed: Variable

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