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ColSeal® PGINOX Pneumatic Bench Model Sealer

• Ideal for ready-to-eat section in supermarkets, delis, catering and event catering.
• Semi-automatic sealer
• Suitable for heat-seal sandwich and tortilla packs and sleeves and baguette packs (paperboard).
• Seals Colpac's heat-seal packs and other PE-coated packs and polypropylene (PP) sleeves.
• Fast and reliable operation as well as easy to clean.
• Can be individually adjusted according to customers' desires and needs.

Dimensions: 600 x 450 x 580 mm
Weight: ~ 27 kg
Voltage: 240 volts, 1 ph.

Materials (housing): Stainless steel S304

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    Dimensions:600 x 500 x 580 mm
    Material:Stainless steel
    Case Size:1s

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The semi-automatic ‘ColSeal® PGINLB’ pneumatic sealer is suitable for many kinds of paperboard packaging with an integrated paperboard lid.

The PGINLB sealer weighs 27 kg and is ideal for sealing various kinds of heat-seal packs made of paperboard (sandwich packs, tortilla packs, salad packs) as well as polypropylene (PP) sleeves and PE-coated paperboard packaging.

Sealing frames for the simultaneous sealing of four sandwich packs as well as individual packs are available. The sealing temperature can be adjusted individually.
In addition, the robust machine engineering and simple design make the machine safe and easy to operate.

The sealer requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean thoroughly.

This machine is aimed at:
Ready-to-eat section in supermarkets, delis, convenience stores, cafeterias, markets, catering and event catering.


We also offer a pneumatic floor standing version, as seen below.

This sealing machine is designed specifically for catering businesses and medium sandwich manufacturers.

Optional film roll holder – for Pneumatic Models only.

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