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ColMAP™ Slalom 7 Sealer Linear Food Packaging Automatic Machine

  • Index and tool plates are centralised before seal closure, this system ensures perfect reliability and ensures vacuum and gas and seal cycle commences in the correct sequence.
  • Selection of up to 10 programs ara available to vary amounts of vacuum and gas fill to achieve desired lowest residual oxygen content.
  • Electric and electronic systems are positioned in stainless steel panel for easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Teflon coated heated seal plate.
  • External 106 m3 vacuum pump. Vacuum can be controlled by time or by sensor.
  • Gas inlet for premixed gas (customer supply).
  • Removal and change over of complete tool sets change parts is approximate 15 minutes.
  • Manufactured to CE and European regulations.

Weight: ~ 700kg
Production speed: Variable, up to 10 cycles per minute
Sealing area capacity: 380 x 265mm
Voltage: 32 Amp x 3 phase x 50/60 Hz
Compressed air supply: 6 bar clean dry air (9Nltr / cycle)

Please note that compressed air is required to operate this sealer (not included in delivery)!

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    Dimensions:3800 x 730 x 1500mm

With interchangeable tooling, this product can seal:

M.A.P Laminated Film

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The ‘ColMAP™ Slalom 7’ is a linear automatic sealing machine working with a tool plate index system. It is manufactured and designed to accomodate a range of paperboard Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.) products, including sandwich and salad packs as well as meal trays.
Packs are placed by hand into tooling pocket plates. The machine then index through vacuum and gas chamber at the desired M.A.P. programm. The bodywork of the machine is extruded anodized aluminium and it is assembled on 6 x adjustable levelling feet and 6 x cators for mobility. Interlock safety panels, covers and control boxes are in stainless steel S304. All panels are easily removed for maintanence or clean down of machine.
With the correct dedicated tooling the Slalom 7 can seal ST17 (M.A.P.), ST29 (M.A.P.), SP3 (M.A.P.) and C-vis® products as well as trays (optional).
This sealing machine is designed for higher volume catering businesses and sandwich manufacturers.

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