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ColSeal® SR230 sealer

• Catering & production entry model
• Production speed: Variable, up to 400 units per hour, subject to load and reload
• Sealing area capacity: 190 x 200 x 95(h)mm (film width 200mm max.)
• Heat-seal plate: Teflon coated, not interchangeable
• No air supply needed

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    Material:Stainless Steel
    Case Size:1s

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With interchangeable tooling, this product can seal:

Peelable Film

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Easy to use machine with adjustable seal temperature. Operator can be in production in a few minutes. Machine is easy to clean, food grade S304 stainless steel and nylon.
With interchangeable tooling, the SR230 sealer can seal: peelable film, Hot Pots, Souper Cups, Multi-food Pots, C-vis® / trays and film-liddable packs.

Profiles tailor-made, seal and cut mechanism
Film sealer with adjuster

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