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ColSeal® SR230 sealer

• Catering & production entry model
• Production speed: Variable, up to 400 units per hour, subject to load and reload
• Sealing area capacity: 190 x 200 x 95(h)mm (film width 200mm max.)
• Heat-seal top plate: Teflon coated, not interchangeable

• No air supply needed

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    Dimensions:320 x 500 x 460
    Material:Stainless Steel
    Case Size:1s

With interchangeable tooling, this product can seal:

Peelable Film

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The ColSeal® SR230 sealer is a lightweight and flexible machine. It can fit on any work bench or counter top near to a single phase domestic 230 volt socket.  The operator can be in production in a few minutes.  This machine is easy to clean.  The food grade S304 stainless steel and nylon are simple and easy to hygienically wipe down.

This sealer can seal Hot Pots, Souper Pots, Multi-food Pots, C-vis® trays and Stagione® trays.

There are options to have bespoke profiles, seal and cut mechanism and the seal temperature is adjustable to suit the material.

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