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Clasp® SEAL Bloomer Sleeve

  • Optimum product protection for bread rolls, paninis, bagels, hot snacks, pies, quiches, pastries, cakes and tarts
  • Suitable for cold and warm food products (maximum 90 °C)
  • Attractive presentation
  • Time-saving and easy to use
  • Recyclable packaging, biodegradable paperboard
  • Can be individually adjusted according to customers’ desires and needs

Product delivered flat.

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    Dimensions:120/250 x 85/154 x 70 mm - Suitable for products fill upto 180 in length
    Material:Base: White board, printed Kraft effect
    Case Size:500s

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PP Film

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The ‘Clasp® seal bloomer sleeve’ was developed to package filled bread rolls, paninis, bagels, hot snacks, pies, quiches and pasties as well as cakes and tarts, etc. The food product can be inserted into the sleeve, which is already sealed along the lengths. Then the two ends can be closed easily with a sealer.

We recommend our ColSeal® KFC200 impulse sealer.

With its integrated paperboard (printed kraft effect), the pack is stabilised and offers optimum product protection. It is easy to use both during the packaging of the food product and for the end customer to hold and transport.

This packaging is aimed at:
Ready-to-eat section in supermarkets, delis, convenience stores, take-away shops, bakeries, coffee shops, petrol stations, cafeterias, markets, catering and event catering.

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