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Cookpac Sameday 702ml

Suitable for take away deli, street food and ready meals, eat on the go or re-heat at home
• Dual ovenable paperboard boxes suitable for fridge/freezer and microwave / oven heating. Integrated tuck top lid
• Recyclable paperboard
• Custom print manufacture is available for this product


    Dimensions:141/125 x 96/80x 60mm
    Volume:702 ml/ 25 floz
    Material:Dual ovenable board with plastic coating
    Case Size:200s

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Our “Cookpac Same Day Box” is printed kraft effect and offers a unique recyclable one piece pack. This versatile range of packs is suitable for oven and microwave use and available in 5 sizes

This packaging is particularly suitable for hot meals.  For example noodles, rice and pasta dishes and any other meal which needs to be re-heated or cooked. It’s great for home delivery and it will complement a different variety of food selection.

Kraft paperboard has a natural look and its simplicity will suit food services and shops with different background, the pack can easily be labelled and customised. If you need a full customisation, give us a call and we can show you several possibilities based on your needs.

This packaging is suitable for fast food outlets, take-away shops, leisure outlets and markets.  It is also great for catering, events, home-delivery and more.

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