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Film-liddable Sandwich Pack, 68/56 mm

  • Optimum product protection for 2 standard sandwiches
  • Quick and easy to heat-seal
  • Enables a longer shelf-life of up to 3 days (depending on food products)
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Can be individually adjusted according to customers’ desires and needs
  • Important note: Not suitable for microwave or oven
  • Limited stock at reduced price available

Heat-sealing machinery required to close this pack.

The packaging is delivered nested (units inserted into each other).

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In Stock


    Dimensions:119.5 x 68/56 x 119.5mm
    Material:Kraft board coated
    Case Size:250s

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This ‘Film-liddable Sandwich Pack, 68/56 mm’ is suitable for 2 standard sandwiches. The Kraft effect pack has a white trim around the edge which enables a quick and secure film sealing process. With a transparent polyester film-lidded cover (not included) the sandwiches are protected and nicely presented. These sandwich packs are specifically designed to fit into existing sealing machines currently used for plastic packs.
This packaging is aimed at: Food service, retail, ready-to-eat section in supermarkets, delis, shools, hospitalss, canteens, catering and event industry.

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