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Kraft PE Push Tuck Deep Salad Box

The Push Tuck Deep Salad Box is a unique distinctive pack that has been specifically designed for the chilled food to go market. Research with our customer base revealed a gap in the market for an alternative to the plastic bowl and the design for the Push Tuck Deep Salad Box was created to sit between the medium and large Push Tuck Salad Packs.

The Push Tuck Deep Salad Box is leak proof and grease resistant.

With an 900ml/31.5 fl.oz capacity it is perfect for salads on the go and looks larger in volume than the 825ml and 1000ml packs in the range

The push tuck tabs locate with a simple push of the thumb increasing ease of filling speed and closure.

The pack features an over-edge window creating an improved point of sale visual.

The addition of a quick opening lift-tab to the lid makes the pack easier to use by the consumer.


    Dimensions:129/95 x 119/85 x 85mm
    Volume:900ml / 31.5 UK fl.oz
    Case Size:250s

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The Push Tuck Deep Salad Box is leak proof and grease resistant and has excellent on shelf impact for optimised product display. The pack is manufactured from a recyclable Kraft PE board that is white on the inside. The webs on the outside of the product ensure leak proofing was achieved and the PE coating provides excellent grease and moisture resistance.

An over the edge window to maximises the view of the contents wherever it is placed in the chiller and still retains the ability to stack the products in a retail environment.

As a nestable product it is space efficient back of house and easy to fill using Colpac’s simple push tuck mechanism. This closure also provides an easy space for labels that can communicate contents and offers easy tamper proofing. In addition to being easy to hold in the hand, the tab on the closure makes the pack easy to open for the consumer and a tapered design means that it is easy to eat from

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