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Large Fuzione® Tray and Lid

  • Recyclable board and Recycled plastic lid
  • Lid design improves vertical stacking and superb on-shelf impact
  • Corner grips on the lid create an easier closure and tighter seal
  • The unrestricted front panel offers improved aesthetics and opportunities for custom branding/printing
  • Food remains fresh for 2 days (depending on content)

The packaging is delivered nested (units inserted into each other).

The corresponding plastic lid (rPET) is available separately (order code: 04FUZBLL).


    Dimensions:190/170 x 140/120 x 45mm
    Volume:1000ml / 37 UK fl.oz
    Material:Base: white board, printed Kraft effect, plastic coating (clear)
Lid: recycled plastic, transparent
    Case Size:500s
    Lid:Sold separately

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Read about this product

The large Fuzione® tray and lid pack is from our chilled food to go range.  There are several sizes of Fuzione® packs available.  These are in stock in printed kraft effect, for a natural and authentic look.  However, they can also be manufactured in white or with a custom print.  This pack is ideal for packaging foods such as salad, ready meals, antipasti, meats and sausage, etc.  The pack can hold a serving of up to 1053 ml.

Our customised label service offers a cost effective and speedy way to apply your own branding to our stock products.  Alternatively custom print manufacture is available for this product (minimum order applies).  Indeed the unrestricted front panel offers much improved aesthetics and opportunities for custom branding/printing.

The paperboard tray and the recycled plastic lid combine to exploit the specific properties of these materials to the maximum.  The printed kraft effect tray has a PE coating which prevents absorption from dressing and sauces.  Stack guides on all four sides of the lid align multiple packs for improved vertical stacking and superb on shelf impact.  Corner grips on the lid create an easier closure and tighter seal and it’s anti-mist for better on-shelf visibility.

The printed kraft effect tray and the rPET lid are both fully recyclable after use.  The rPET lids contain a minimum of 90% recycled plastic.  In short this is a great choice of sustainable packaging.

This large Fuzione® tray and lid packaging is suitable for the food retail trade, ready-to-eat section in supermarkets, delis, convenience stores, takeaway shops, bakeries, coffee shops and markets.  It is also great for the catering and event industries.

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