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Snacking, grazing, whatever the term, the demands of modern day life have driven sales of snacks up, and the UK savoury snacks category is now worth $7bn per annum, making it the largest market for savoury snacks in Western Europe.*

To capitalise on the growing snacking trends, retailers are increasing looking at ways to capture the attention of the aptly dubbed ‘Generation Graze’, with eye-catching packs of gourmet vegetable crisps, salted caramel popcorn, roasted chickpeas and oatmeal crackers.

How consumers eat snacks has also changed, with a major shift towards sharing, and sales in this area surged in 2016 as consumers splashed out an additional £19.7m on sharing bags of crisps and snacks.** A major contributing factor to the sharing snack craze is the growing ‘Big Night In’ phenomenon, driven by money conscious, time poor consumers.

Packaging companies are responding to these demands with new packaging innovations and designs. From better portability, varied size options to sealing technology ensuring products can be repackaged and shared, again and again, while still maintaining its just bought freshness.

Consumers, particularly millennials, are seeking a more personalised experience through packaging, so, along with more defined marketing and social media campaigns, the packaging can now enhance the experience through new technology in digital printing.

All of this is expected with less material too, as consumers became even more in tune with sustainability, there are high expectations on manufacturers to package their produce using lightweight, recyclable packaging – with plastic kept to a minimum.

 In growing response to these calls for snack packaging, Colpac, one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of food packaging solutions, has created a solution to snacking and sharing with SharePac™. With an appealing on-table presence, eliminating the need to decanter into bowls, SharePac™ is printable in up to six different colours, offering a variety of branding options for maximum design impact and on shelf appeal.

Constructed from recyclable or compostable paperboard, the innovative design of SharePac™ allows for four different types, or flavours, of snack to be served in the same pack and comes in two configurations; a square outer featuring a drawer on each of the four sides or a rectangular outer with two drawers on each of two sides.

Ideal for both sweet, and savoury, light bites including cakes, crudités, breadsticks, crisps, popcorn, biscuits, nuts and dried fruits, SharePac™ also features an optional aperture in the top of the pack is ideal for a serving of dip or sauce.


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