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Katalog 2016

Products Brochure

Catalogue 2016 – Food Packaging and Machines

Our NEW 2016 Catalogues are packed with many new products and ideas for serving food, including Fast Food packaging, our popular lines such as Ssupa Snax have been subtly redesigned to widen their appeal to today’s consumer trends; our winning and outstanding range of Combination Packaging, including the new Fuzione sizes, where plastic and paperboard work together to give the highest performances in food packaging and finally our new range of party boxes which includes our favourite party food trays, shaped as camper vans and our new metallic party boxes in gold and silver, ideal for special celebrations and festivities.

Machinery Brochure

Food Machinery Brochure

Our range of packaging machines has been specifically designed for sealing paperboard food packaging. Our machines range from small counter top machines, for sandwich shops and delicatessen, up to larger production models ideal for higher volume manufacturers, including a unique range of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P) for a longer shelf-life.

Products Brochure

C-Creative – Food Packaging Design

Our brochure represent just few examples of our extensive work in the food packaging design and how we can help you to find the right packaging solution for you and your customers. Working alongside Colpac’s structure, the design and construction team is able to provide a comprehensive range of packaging solutions for a wide range of clients including those in the food service sector, food producers and retailers.

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